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Site changes and upcoming improvements


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I'm Jack, Web Host of Britbus and Thrashproductions along with many other websites.


Recently i have been making major changes:

  • Server infrastructure changes
  • Improving website speed
  • Added steam & Google & Facebook Logins and registrations
  • File upload size has been upped (To be completed)


These are the main updates and changes, got any suggestions? please let me know down below or if you need message me, feel free via my account @Jack


Please note there may be some issues around some areas but i aware of the main ones, but site is fully working any problems please let me know thank you



Thrash productions Team & Jack - Webhost

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During July:


Annotation 2020-07-29 012628.png


with the first option *Table* your forum will look like this:



With the second option *grid* it will look like this:



With the last option *fluid* it will look like this:




Donations have been added to help the website ( )



Steam Integration where you can integrate your profile, login in with steam and much more:



Google, Facebook, Microsoft logins now work too they can be found here:

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The website hasn't really had many changes until today, The forum software been upgraded please private message me if your encountering issues.

I have modified the themes and introduced a dark theme for people who do not like light themes.


Introducing the new Light theme:




What's new?


Well good question:

It's Christmas time so there's Christmas Icons and Let it snow let it snow (Yes it's snowing) 

Theme is more lighter & Faster

Christmas Countdown is at the top 

Much more amazing stuff too how exciting is that?


Introducing the dark theme:



Damn isn't this dark theme Beautiful 😄 

What's new?:

Everything as light theme 



Select this below to change from light to dark or dark to light at the top



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