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NEWS 1.38 Development Update

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As with our previous development update for game version 1.37, we are delighted to announce our development update for game version 1.38.

With American Truck Simulator 1.38 releasing on 14th July, and Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.38 on 21st July, the community has been anxiously awaiting TruckersMP's support of the latest versions for one month now.

Although our support is not yet ready, we wanted to be clear on our current progress, and explain why it is taking an exceptional amount of time.


Although on the surface there may not appear to be many changes in 1.38 that could cause a delay to our progress, there have been many changes behind the scenes which SCS Software has pushed into the latest builds.

FMOD is still a major factor towards the difficulty in updating multiplayer, as they present further back-end changes, as well as the known 'missing sounds' bug that appears nearby other players.

To answer some popular questions, we have listed our answers below. Of course, if there are additional questions you would like to ask, you are welcome to post it on our forum topic. We will monitor the topic over the next few days and answer them as soon as possible.

When is multiplayer support for 1.38 expected to release?

We are currently anticipating a release towards the end of August/early September. We understand this is later than most of you had hoped, but rest assured this update is our developers' number one priority.

Why do these updates take so long?

Right now, only the lead developer 'mwl4' has the knowledge, skills, and tools to prepare the port from 1.37 to 1.38. In addition to him working on the update, he has personal commitments in the real world.

The whole team are supporting him to the best of our abilities, but we are limited to only minor tasks.

If you're curious about the process mwl4 has to port our multiplayer mod to support the latest versions, check out his video, here: [Development Video] Porting ETS2MP to 1.14 patch. Although over five years ago, it gives us a vague understanding of the complexity to develop our mod.

How can I stay up to date with information about 1.38 multiplayer support?

We will ensure you are informed by keeping our social media channels and information regularly updated.

You can check them out below:

TruckersMP News | Development Announcements (forums) | Discord | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

I already updated to 1.38, how can I play on the multiplayer servers?

As multiplayer does not support the 1.38 version yet, you will need to downgrade your game version.

We have provided a guide on how to downgrade your games to 1.37 here: How to downgrade

You can also view our video guide on how to downgrade, here: How To: Downgrade Your Game.

Will ProMods 2.46 be supported?

ProMods 2.46 is not compatible with game version 1.38 yet, either. Our ProMods multiplayer servers will be unavailable until their 1.38 compatibility update is released, and tested on multiplayer.

Will 'Idaho' DLC be supported?

The new Idaho DLC will be supported along with the 1.38 multiplayer update release.

Is the horn sound bug going to be fixed in this update?

This is an ongoing issue the developers are addressing. It is caused by the new sound engine's (FMOD) restriction of sounds that play concurrently.

Due to the complexity FMOD introduces, it will not be fixed in time for the 1.38 multiplayer update. We are actively seeking a workaround to bypass the FMOD restrictions, but it is an extremely complex task.

This concludes our development update for 1.38 multiplayer.

We understand your frustrations towards the multiplayer support for 1.38 taking a while. A lot of effort is going into the update every day to ensure we can support the latest version as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, 1.37 and 1.38 have introduced a lot of complicated problems in the back-end code, which means our developers are forced to spend a lot of additional time resolving them before we can release the update.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated! Thank you.

-TruckersMP Team

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Well I have a question about this new recon drone for the USA. Can it also detect hidden cameo unitsor stealth units and what range can it detect?
Cant wait to try it when it is ready to deploy.

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