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Mason Lee

Requirements For Download Centre

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When you make a submission to our Download Section, it must first be approved by a Member of our Staff. This ensures members can be confident that files they download will work and we as staff can be proud of the content we offer. The below requirements protect you as an author and minimise support requests.

To be approved, a file must meet all of the criteria applicable to it:

The Submitted File

MUST be a ZIP archive file (able to be opened with Windows File Explorer) - 7z archive files are permitted where a ZIP would be 128 MB or larger

MUST NOT contain any further archives within the main archive

MUST contain a README document (see below for details) within the top two directory levels

MUST include only content for which the uploader has permission to distribute

MUST function fully and correctly when installed by exactly following the installation instructions, with only the listed required dependencies installed

MUST have a logical and intuitive directory structure (starting with the directories immediately within "OMSI 2" is recommended)

MUST NOT overwrite default files or existing files from listed dependencies unless it is required

MUST be named sensibly

Any required dependencies MUST be readily available

SHOULD contain as few unnecessary files as possible

SHOULD contain high-quality content you can be proud of. Unless you have relevant previous experience, your very first repaint won't meet this requirement.

The READ ME Document

MUST be a TXT, PDF or RTF file. DOC/DOCX is also permitted but not recommended.

MUST contain or link to clear installation instructions

MUST contain or link to a list of all dependencies with download links (for repaints, the original bus counts as a dependency)

MUST state when a file will overwrite existing files (no such statement is required for the inverse)

MUST list all authors of content in the file (may be provided in a separate credits file instead)

MUST explain how the file may be redistributed or used (may be provided in a separate license file instead)

The File Description

MUST list all dependencies with download links

MUST include at least a brief description of the content of the submission

MUST provide all information in English. Additional languages may be provided as supplementary translations of the main English content

The Attached Images

MUST show the whole of the included content, or be indicative of the content included where the former is not feasible

MUST be in-game screenshots (screenshots of development or photos of the real thing may be included only to supplement in-game screenshots)

MUST NOT be photos of a monitor

The Title

MUST include the name/abbreviation of the bus/map the file is for (where applicable)

MUST be descriptive of the content of the file

Updates to Existing Submissions

MUST meet all the criteria of a new submission, including functioning without installing the previous version


Single files may be uploaded without being in an archive format

A read-me may be omitted if it is not required

Other criteria not listed here may also not be applicable. If in doubt as to whether a criteria applies, Ask For Clarification.

Additional Notes

In some occasional circumstances, approval of a file may be reversed (e.g. if a file is approved in error).

A file will not be approved if it is against the Forum Rules.

Users breaching the forum rules or wasting moderators' time are liable to be issued warnings and/or bans.

As per our Terms of Service, by uploading you grant a permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license for us to redistribute your submission through our service.

When a file is not able to be approved, the moderator who denies the file will send a PM to the up-loader explaining why the file was not able to be approved so that they can address the issue and try again.

Please note that it is not possible to change the uploaded file between submission and approval, so if you need to make a change to the file it must be re-uploaded.

Repeated non-compliant submissions, particularly of the same file when content controller feedback has not be addressed, may result in disciplinary action including suspension of submitting privileges.

Meeting all of the criteria listed here is not a guarantee for approval, moderators may use their own discretion to decide not to approve a file.

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