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  1. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/710239084789891126/731515499548246036/Anim.mp4
  2. Alexa's Server This server is going to have a mix of Text and Voice Roleplay and will be trying to add subtle British things without a performance dip. This project is now in it's third and hopefully final rewrite. I am trying to make this server as realistic as I can whilst keeping the fun element of playing. The server will have an economy and you will have to earn money to buy things. You will start of with £5000 and from there you can participate in scripted jobs such: Bus Driving, Courier, Fisherman, Mining (Possibly more?). So Far: Login / Register System with Email Verification Character Creator / Viewer Discord Bot Admin Integration Bank System and many other things that are still work in progress... see below some of the videos and images
  3. Here is my .bat which allows you clear your cache outside of the game. It's very simple to use and an easy drag and drop installation. A readme is included to explain how to install this. cache.zip
  4. Peterborough This is a very Work in Progress map that I have been working on for a few weeks. The map will eventually have multiple routes including Stagecoach public services and private school runs from local independent operators such as Decker Bus. A lot of work is still required to complete this map however, I have gotten my head around Blender which means I can make Custom Buildings and Scenery Objects. The map is as true to life as possible with objects being as close the real location as possible. Listed below are the routes which will be included on the first release. After this is complete, I will be possibly going on to make citi2 or citi4 to the Hospital. A big thanks to Josh for making the ALX400 Regional Peterborough citi repaint and allowing me to release as part of my map. First Release Routes: Route Number Origin - Destination Extra citi5 Yaxley - City Centre Stagecoach ST04 Yaxley - Stanground School Run Frequently Asked Questions: Q - Can I be a beta tester? A - No, I will be selecting them when the map is nearly ready for a pubic release Q - When is this going to be released? A - When I know I will post it to this thread Q - What operators will operate on this map? A - Stagecoach and Decker Bus, as per real life
    Great repaint! Been waiting for this since the release of the Specta. Can't wait to get driving.
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