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  1. IP addresses are now stored in a hashed format. Huzzah for privacy As such, the privacy policy has been updated. Previous privacy policy regarding IP addresses boo:User IP addresses are logged to help connect alts for alt restrictions, as well as to help identify spambots, trolls, and other disruptive users who may try to simply switch to a new character after being punished or banned. I will not, however, look at/up IP addresses without good reason. Yes, without good reason is vague. Sorry.
  2. I dont even know if Pole Vault Power has a privacy policy. Ive never written one, maybe there is a standard one in the phpbb software. But do know that although I do plan to increase advertising soon, I will not sell your email addresses to anyone.
  3. Anyone know if there is a facebook group for just us and our foamies? Ive looked and I dont see one. I think we should have one. Anyone interested in starting one with me?
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