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    • Greetings truckers! Are you prepared for our Supporter convoy? Similarly to our previous Supporter events, Patrons, Nitro Boosters and Twitch Subscribers will all be able to join us on this lovely scenic route throughout American Truck Simulator! Join us on Sunday 28th August 2022 at 18:00 UTC. (Alternative Timezones) The convoy duration is estimated to be 90 minutes. There are no scheduled breaks or fuel stops; you are welcome to pull over into a safe place should you require some rest. Feel free to comment or ask any questions in the Patron channel or Supporters channel on our Discord! This is a Patreon, Nitro Booster and Twitch Subscriber exclusive event which means you must have an active subscription to one of our Patreon tiers, be a Nitro Booster on our Discord or have an active subscription to our Twitch channel. Please note that to be eligible to join as a Twitch subscriber you must be in our Discord with a connected TruckersMP account as well as having your Twitch account connected to your Discord profile. If you do not do this you will not be able to participate! Not a Patron yet, but want to participate? It is not too late, make sure you become one of our Patrons before the 27th of August 2022! Become a Patron here. Don't forget to connect your Patreon account with your TruckersMP account! Not sure how you can do this? Click here! You can also subscribe to our Twitch channel here! Don't know how to connect your Discord account? Click here! Note: If you’re boosting our Discord before the 27th of August 2022 you are also able to participate. Departure: Redding Destination: Reno Additional Event Info: Event Rules | DLC: None | Server: Supporters Convoy We look forward to seeing you there! TruckersMP Team View the full article
    • View File Redby Travel Redby Travel was company based in North East Sunderland started in 1946-2013  here find repaints for all buses  Submitter Jimmoc Submitted 03/20/2022 Category Repaints Required Downloads all buses  
    • The relationship between trucks and agriculture is something that some people might find trivial, yet it’s important to realize how crucial this cooperation actually is. Gone are now the days of small-scale farming in the backyards since the modern dedicated lands are growing in size rapidly. And what better place to look at as an example of this development than the state of Texas, which has 127 million acres of agricultural land? It is said that grain elevators are such massive and complex structures that even the employees who operate within them can get lost from time to time. While that might possibly be true, we assure you if you will see a high frequency of these buildings on your journey through the Lone Star State, you are most likely (but don’t bet on it) located in the northern area, as this part of the country features most of them. This facility is designed to stockpile or store grain, and with over 248,000 real-life farms, you can imagine why it was necessary to feature several of these complexes in the upcoming DLC.  While vineyards are a bit less common, Texas ranks fifth in the US wine production, and the history of this particular industry dates back to 1650. After so many years, there are currently over 400 local wineries with several of these locations being the destinations of the so-called "wine tourism". And even though in our game you can only head out to these areas on a business trip, they are still a worthy sight to behold. You will also be able to haul to and from areas dedicated to the cattle industry, which contributes billions of dollars to market products sold every year, and the cotton industry (more in our previous article). Additionally, there will also be farms growing watermelons, since Texas ranks 3rd in US production and this fruit state’s largest annual horticultural crop.  As always, make sure to add the Texas DLC to your Steam Wishlist to show us how excited you are to contribute to the local in-game economy with your hard work. Also, to never miss out on anything important, you can follow our social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok), subscribe to our newsletter, or check out our microsite dedicated to this project. View the full article
    • Today we are excited to share with you a glimpse into the upcoming West Balkans DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. This large region is still very much in the early phases of development and our map teams are hard at work recreating this unique part of the world.  The West Balkans DLC consists of 8 new countries, so as you can imagine, there is alot of new ground to cover! So we thought we would put you, our #BestCommunityEver to the challenge of figuring out where the screenshots in this blog were taken.  Think you can pinpoint where the real life equivalent of these locations are? Let us know your answers in the comments or through our social media platforms (Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).  Like what you see? Then be sure to add the West Balkans DLC to your Steam Wishlist! Your addition really helps supports us and notifies you in the future when the DLC releases. We look forward to bringing you more dedicated blogpost topics on this region in the future.  View the full article
    • Dear #BestCommunityEver, the day is finally here! We are excited to let you know that the final preparations to release the Montana DLC for American Truck Simulator are quickly approaching the finish line.  Montana DLC is going to be released today at 19:00 CEST time! So what exactly does our Montana DLC have to offer for truckers? These are just a few of the things we think you will love: Deliver to and from 15 cities and discover 17 settlements  Discover and deliver to Montana's important industries like Sugar Plants, Talc Factory, Silane Gas, Electric Network Service, and more! Drive on the Going-to-the-sun road. See landmarks unique to Montana Visit Glacier National Park and part of the Yellowstone National Park and get bird's-eye views with many new viewpoints. Admire accurate representations of cities like Helena, Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell, and more! Visit and take a rest at famous Montana rest stops & gas stations. Unlock Montana-specific Steam Achievements ...and much more! We will also have a World of Trucks event for those who will set out on a journey across The Treasure State, with unique rewards to be earned once you complete delivery to or from 12 different Montana cities and drive a certain amount of miles. You can learn more about the rules in yesterday’s blog post and take part in #CruisingMontana at, where you can register an account for free. We can’t wait to see your photos and clips across our Social Media channels using the hashtag (feel free to tag our official accounts - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok)! The event will be concluded on Sunday the 25th of September at 23:59 UTC. Since we don’t want anyone to feel pressure to rush through the DLC as fast as possible, we hope this time frame will give everyone enough freedom to drive through this wonderful state at their own pace and still get rewarded for being an early adopter of the map expansion. Oh, and we also have one more special reward for you. If you will take any External Contract or External Market job to or from the city of Kalispell, you will earn a Mountain Goat plush toy as a cabin accessory! While not listed as a state symbol, these "climbers" are quite often seen in the elevated rocky areas above the roads and we figured since Kalispell is the closest to the mountains you might feel like taking of these interesting fellas on a trip all around the US in your mighty truck. We would also like to invite you to a special Montana release live stream on our official Twitch channel starting at 17:00 CEST. Don't miss out on this broadcast as we talk with Davido (DLC Lead) PLUS a special guest appearance from Pavel Šebor CEO of SCS Software! We will be answering questions from the community, talking in-depth about the DLC, giving away free Montana Steam keys and of course, releasing the highly anticipated map expansion LIVE on stream! We hope you’ll enjoy exploring what Montana has to offer! We will see you on the roads! View the full article
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